Now that summer is over, many people around Richmond are focusing on work. If you happen to own your own business, or are responsible for a local office or shop, you may have been looking forward to this season when your staff would be back in force and fully productive.

Of course a lot goes into maximizing productivity, including the color of the work environment, of all things. Did you know that if you paint your office space you can improve the productivity and sense of well-being of your staff? Studies have revealed interesting insights, including the fact there is no universal color that equates to a more effective workplace. Factors such as industry and the “screening” capabilities of the individuals influence what colors are most appropriate.

One of our partners, Sherwin Williams, has shared more on this subject on their website. I encourage you to check out that post and give some thought to how well your office environment fosters productivity.

Even without going deep into the science, just looking around your business with fresh eyes can help you determine if you’re providing a pleasing environment that makes your staff comfortable and allows them to concentrate. Even for your own happiness, how does your office or business compare to your home environment? You probably spend more waking hours at work than at home — are you treating yourself to a sufficiently nice place to be?

pleasing environment

If your clients are likely to visit your place of business, they offer perhaps the most important perspective to consider. If you were a client, how welcoming, clean, and up-to-date does your business look?

As is true with a home, a fresh coat of paint or more involved treatment of the walls in an office or work environment can have a dramatic effect at a relatively low cost. We can help your business make the right impression with your clients, give you a more pleasing place to work, and make you a hero to your employees by updating and beautifying the place where they spend many hours.


  • Give the exterior of your business or building an update that tells your clients, prospective tenants, staff, and even future employees that you run a top-shelf business. If exterior work is on your list, please contact us soon to make sure we fit your project into our schedule before winter sets in.
  • Make a statement with a branded impact wall — a specialty finish or wall graphic may be the way to go.
  • Wallpaper to give character to spaces where clients come to meet with you or your staff.
  • Simply repair and paint your office space walls that have are a little worse for wear.

For any interior project, we protect time in our winter schedule to tackle these projects. Why not kick off 2016 with a refreshed look? Give us a call at (804) 358-4109 to find out more about our January and February interior painting specials.