Only one thing can detract from a beautifully painted home exterior: shabby windows. That’s why H.J. Holtz & Son has extended its services to include full window restoration.

“We see this as a need for our customers,” says company President Rick Holtz. “We have the expertise when it comes to painting and carpentry; all we needed to do was apply those skills to windows.”

The Holtz carpentry division has added staff in recent years, enabling the company to increase its wood restoration and repair capabilities. The ability to offer those services has proved especially useful for older homes, which most often need carpentry repair throughout the structure. Because windows involve the joining of glass to wood, they are especially vulnerable to temperature swings, weather ranging from severe summer storms to freezing winter precipitation, and even blunt force (think tree limbs or hurled balls). Without careful monitoring, windows will, quite literally, fall apart. 

Before beginning any exterior painting job, a Holtz project manager completes a thorough inspection, looking for any areas showing damage that can include wood rot, mold or organic growth, or any other harm that should be repaired before painting can begin. That inspection includes the windows, when the need for window restoration might be identified. 

“We don’t want to overlook any issue,” Holtz says. 

Sometimes, only one window needs attention, but if your house has original wood windows that are more than 30 years old, it’s likely they all need work. The glazing – the putty that holds the glass in the sash – breaks down over time. Without a solid seal, moisture and even bugs can make inroads, leading to the need for larger repairs or replacement.  

With an expanded work space in the company’s new location in Chesterfield, the Holtz carpentry team is able to efficiently manage even large jobs. The first step in window restoration is to bring the windows to the shop, where they are disassembled. The sashes are stripped of paint and any necessary repairs are made. Then the window is reassembled, primed, and painted. The team then replaces or reinstalls the glass, reglazing with fresh putty for a thorough seal. Special care is taken during the priming stage to prevent mold growth, as the primer used provides a line of defense against encroaching moisture. The team can also improve the window’s pulley system by replacing original rope with a metal chain, making it easier to open and close the window. 

The team is currently working with a general contractor who is restoring a home nearing its centennial. The owner wanted to keep the original windows for historical accuracy, so Holtz carpenters are fixing and repainting all 50+ windows. 

“It’s a privilege for us to help return this house to pristine condition,” Rick Holtz says. “We are so happy to have the in-house expertise that’s needed to maintain the authenticity of these windows while ensuring they remain fully functional for years to come.”


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