Richmond Based H.J. Holtz & Son Receives National Recognition for Faux Finish Work

The 3rd generation company wows judges with mind-bending “wood paneled” room.


Richmond, VA – March 1, 2017. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) presented H.J. Holtz & Son of Richmond Virginia with its prestigious Picture it Painted Professionally (PIPP) Award for Decorative Finishes in 2016. The PDCA confirms what Virginia contractors and decorators have known since F.D.R. was president, if you wish to turn a makeover into a dramatic transformation, take the project to H. J. Holtz & Son.


“We are very honored to be recognized by our peers in the PDCA. We had a feeling this project would get noticed by the judges. The award gives us an additional opportunity to pat our craftsmen and women on the back for their hard work,” relayed Rick Holtz, Owner.


The design project that earned the PDCA’s recognition was a room produced for a residence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The homeowners came to H.J. Holtz & Son with a decorating dilemma. They wanted to decorate a family library room with wood paneling but found that the kind of wood-look they envisioned would exceed their budget.  As Rick described it, “Our job is to take a room, its walls, its lighting and its space and bring to life the vision articulated by its owner.”


To overcome the challenge of creating a wood paneled room without wood paneling H.J. Holtz & Son turned to an old technique, one that traces itself back to the Renaissance, “Faux Bois.” The French term, meaning “false wood,” involves covering the walls with multiple layers of Old Masters paint, gels, and wiping stains, each layer revealing the colors and textures the human eye identifies as wood. Once completed, the distinctive colors, shadowing, grains, knots, cracks and beveling of cut wood evolve into a warm, wood paneled library.



Touches of H.J. Holtz & Son craftsmanship, like graphic wall reproductions for the armed services recruiting facility in Richmond, the Yorktown Victory Museum in Yorktown and the interior wood restoration of a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Virginia Beach, can be found in residences and commercial sites throughout Virginia.




About H.J. Holtz & Son. Founded in 1936, H.J Holtz & Son, Inc., Painting, Papering, and Decorative Finishes is an award-winning full service residential painting, faux finishing and wallpapering contractor specializing in meeting the needs of discriminating homeowners through exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. From cabinet painting to faux painting furniture to hanging hand-painted wallpaper to simply painting the exterior of a home, our qualified craftsmen can fulfill nearly every decorative need.