Faux bois is the French term for ‘false wood.’ The faux bois paint technique is used on old painted furniture or painted woodwork, and it mimics the look of real wood. This technique is absolutely perfect if you want to update your current furniture with a more rustic, earthy wood grain without having to run out and buy new items. We’ve had a lot of interest from clients at H.J. Holtz and Son about this elegant, beautiful technique!

What Surfaces Can Faux Bois be Applied To?

A faux bois paint technique can be used on any smooth, paintable surface. Walls, furniture and home decor accessories can all be transformed using faux bois. Most commonly, our clients choose faux bois for old furniture or woodwork. When you look at something made from wood and then add a painted faux bois surface, an entirely new design can be created that is rustic or sophisticated.

The faux bois paint technique can also be used on wood trim around windows or doors. Again, this is a wonderful way to refurbish old woodwork, give it an updated look and keep it consistent with the rest of the home.

Affordable, Elegant and Beautiful

The advantage to faux bois is that it saves clients from having to purchase new furniture when re-decorating the home. Imagine how much money you can save by keeping the furniture and wood trim yet completing your home renovation project?

Faux bois painting can be done on your own using a base coat and the color of your choice for the “grain” part. You will also need a wood grain rocker to create a grain pattern. If you’re not particularly DIY savvy but would love to have your furniture painted the faux bois way, let H.J. Holtz and Son help. We are experienced in this style of painting and have successfully worked on many pieces of furniture. The details matter, and we know how to deliver a finished product that rivals real wood – elegant yet natural. We offer faux bois painting on wood furniture, trim, doors and windows.

Our clients love this easy, affordable option for warming up their home without having to purchase new furniture. Our painting pros will work closely with you to choose the best colors for the application – there are so many options with faux bois!