Your indoor furniture gets a lot of quality attention. You walk past your hall accent table each day, enjoy three meals at the kitchen table and sink into the couch at night. Unfortunately, your outdoor furniture doesn’t get the same love. It’s often forgotten about or left out to fend for itself in rainy weather. Sure, you promised that you would cover up the furniture every time it rained, but this gets old fast. When it’s time to bring your furniture in for the winter season, you notice that it’s old, worn and lackluster.

Don’t be embarrassed by your outdoor furniture. Don’t give it away just yet. You can give it a facelift without spending a lot of time or money. Now is the best time to work on it since you’re bringing in the furniture for the winter season and you won’t be taking it out until next spring. This gives you plenty of time to brainstorm and be creative.

Transform with Paint

The best way to transform your outdoor patio furniture is by painting it. Just about anything can be painted, even if it wasn’t painted before. How good the end result is depends on the paint you select, so choose carefully. Paint is available for various surfaces, and some will require primer. If the surface was painted before, you will need to remove the peeling paint beforehand.

Which colors should you choose? Natural colors that fit your environment are best, but the choice is yours. You can also go bright and bold, especially with wooden beach-style chairs.

Change the Cushions, Pillows and Hardware

Another simple, cost-effective way to give your patio furniture a new look is by updating its cushions, pillows and hardware. There is a more limited selection of cushions and pillows at this time of the year, but now is also the best time to score great deals. Keep an eye out, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, wait until the spring to make a purchase. Also update the umbrella and hardware.

Repurpose Furniture

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a new furniture set. If you’re lacking practical features with your current set, find ways that you can repurpose existing furniture. Accent tables with glass or mosaic tops can be brought outdoors. Or, look for an old bookcase or buffet table and line the shelves with wallpaper. It can be used to keep plates, cups and snacks on hand when you have guests over. Wire racks can also be used for container plants and flowers.

Let H.J. Holtz Give You a Hand!

At H.J. Holtz and Son, we help our customers save time and money with our innovative solutions. If you want to makeover a piece of furniture, give us a call and we can typically have the furniture completed in 10 working days. If the item has drawers, all you need to do is clean them out and we’ll take care of the rest – even the cleaning!

We work with all types of surfaces, including laminate, metal and wood. The only type of surface that requires more work is oak. If you don’t want to see the grain, we will need to use a filler. Call us today to learn more about our painting and refinishing services. We’re pros at this stuff!