We often think about the need to protect our home’s exterior in the winter months. Storms dump snow and ice on exposed surfaces and can even introduce moisture beyond the home’s outer shell via damaged wood, mortar, or caulking. When water penetrates a home’s exterior fabric, the cycle of freezing and thawing can lead to damage that is unseen until a much bigger problem presents itself, usually on the inside.

But damaging weather isn’t confined to the winter months.

Strong storms – whether summer afternoon downpours caused by soaring temperatures or fall hurricanes that can dump inches of rain over hours or days – can also do much damage to a home that isn’t properly safeguarded.

The best way to ensure a home is protected is to examine it – closely – on a regular basis.

“We’re always happy to send someone out for an assessment,” says H.J. Holtz & Son President Rick Holtz. “Our team knows what to look for, whether that’s evidence of rot, mold, or just a few cracks. The key to maintenance is to be ahead of it, whenever you can.”

Any flat exterior surface is vulnerable, and it doesn’t matter how wide the surface is; water can sit anywhere. Home features such as window sills, porch floors, wood decks, door thresholds and framing, decorative trim, and fencing must be maintained thoughtfully with the recognition that nothing lasts forever.

“Sometimes, we can address a problem with a fresh coat of paint or sealer,” Holtz says. “But if the damage is too advanced, replacement carpentry is required. In most situations, we can handle that repair, too, with our in-house carpentry team.”

The goal is always to find and address issues before they become complicated … and expensive.

“The best way to save money is to be proactive,” Holtz says. “We’re here to help with that. Just give us a call.”