With long, sunny days and warm temperatures upon us, it’s no wonder you have summer fever! After a long and particularly cold winter, it’s especially nice to see the sun shining through the windows and the flowers in full bloom. Chances are, you want to brighten up your home for the summer and make it feel fresh and lively. Getting there is half the fun; enjoying it is the other!

Let’s take a look at some of the fresh interior design ideas you can use this summer!

Incorporate Some White

Dark, bold colors are popular right now, but if you’re looking fresh interior designs to brighten up your space, don’t underestimate the power of white. You don’t have to paint the entire room white, but look at some spaces that could use a lift, such as a wood paneled wall or entryway.

Spruce Up Window Treatments

In the fall and winter, we want cozy, quaint homes. But in the summer, we thrive off spaces that are bright and airy. Take a look at those dark curtains and think about replacing them with lightweight sheer curtains. Faux wood blinds that let in natural sunlight are a good choice, too. The goal is to bring in the outdoors.

Tear Down a Wall

Sounds dramatic? Not exactly. Non-structural walls are easy to tear down, and it can open up your space without having to do a major makeover. Today’s modern homes feature open layouts, so you’ll definitely be making a smart move by turning a cramped layout into an open one that is perfect for summer entertaining. When the work is straightforward, we’ll take care of the whole thing. If knocking down a wall is a little more involved, we’ll bring in one of our partners, but remain your primary point of contact for the job.

Opt for Built-in Storage

Rooms that are cluttered feel small and tight. Of course, the first step is to declutter, but after that, consider built-in storage options like wall shelving or a bench against the wall. This storage is highly practical for toys, games, blankets or winter clothes, and it looks trendy, too. Again, we’ll bring in a trusted partner to create the storage and the look you want.

Incorporate Fresh Plants

Nothing says summer like fresh herbs, flowers and plants throughout the home. They can be the finishing touch you need after decluttering, cleaning and packing away winter stuff (heavy blankets, velvet pillows, etc). Fresh, colorful flowers like carnations and daffodils are cheap and will surely brighten up your home!

Choose Neon Accents

If your home has a fairly neutral palate to begin with (light colored walls and furniture, for instance), use neon colors to liven up the space. An accent wall, throw pillows, lightweight blankets and rugs are easy ways to transform your space for the summer – all on a budget, too! Don’t forget to check out flea markets and secondhand shops that sell unique decor cheap.