While high-gloss paint, or lacquer, has been around for centuries (in fact, it took some time for painters to figure out how to reduce the sheen of paints), many designers are now recommending high-gloss paint in interesting locations to deliver dramatic effect.

What Makes High-Gloss Paint Different?

High-gloss paint products are like other paints, but without chalks or fillers that are added to make paint easier to apply and reduce its level of sheen. Because high-gloss paints have a higher concentration of solids, they have different viscosity and brushing characteristics.

Additionally, because properly applied high-gloss paint will exhibit a very reflective finish, imperfections in the wall surface may be more noticeable.

Common Places to Use High-Gloss Paint

Several of our interior design partners love to use high-gloss paints and coatings to add dramatic effect to rooms, hallways, or stairwells, in addition to more common applications like cabinets. Here are a few ideas:

  • Walls and even the ceiling of a music room to match the look of a high-gloss grand piano
  • A special space for family and guests, like a library or sitting room
  • An entryway for immediate impact when visitors arrive
  • A glamorous look for your front door
  • A dining room to add drama and sophistication
  • Kitchen cabinets for a standout look AND durability

How to Apply High-Gloss Paints

Depending upon the project and goals, we brush on high-gloss paint by hand or spray it on for the ultimate, mirror-like finish. Interestingly, applying these products with a roller does not yield good results.

While high-gloss paint products are sold by boutique retailers, like Palette Home, directly to homeowners, it’s important to understand the challenges inherent with properly preparing surfaces and applying this category of coating.

In fact, even though our team is made up of professional painters, only a few of our professionals work on high-gloss painting or lacquering projects. We have invested in additional training for them and have developed extensive surface preparation practices over the years that are exclusive to high-gloss projects.

As a “reward” for our efforts, we are designated as the only painting company in the state of Virginia certified by one of the top manufacturers of high-gloss paints and coatings, Fine Paints of Europe.

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