At H.J. Holtz & Son, we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with high-quality painting work that will continue to look sharp and remarkable for years to come. While the craftsmanship of our skilled painters is key to achieving beautiful results, it’s just as crucial to choose a quality of paint that can stand the test of time. That’s why we use premium paint to meet our customers’ high expectations.

H.J. Holtz & Son is a certified painter of Fine Paints of Europe (FPE), a provider of the finest paints that are only sold by reputable, independently owned paint retailers, including our partners at Palette Paint and Home. The philosophy of FPE, and serious homeowners, is that paint’s true value is determined by the number of years it will beautify and protect. In the company’s words, “There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint.”

FPE paints are formulated using the highest quality ingredients with no fillers, which is why the prices are higher than American-made paints. The company argues that the paints are formulated for high durability, not a competitive price point, to satisfy European homeowners who have high expectations for its performance. They typically live in the same home for 15 years or more, so they view the painting process as a capital investment. Across the Atlantic, American homeowners move an average of once every four years and expect to repaint each time. As a result of this market, most domestic paints are formulated to provide a beautiful finish at a lower cost. The resulting trade-off is that homeowners should expect to repaint sooner, or take greater care to not expose surfaces to wear and tear. Ninety percent of the cost of painting is labor, so homeowners who want durable results may view a “long-lived performance finish” such as FPE as a smarter investment over time.

Another brand of premium paint that H.J. Holtz & Son proudly recommends to discriminating home owners is Farrow & Ball (F&B), which has produced paints in in Dorset, England since the company’s founding in 1946. From their beginnings F&B resisted the trend of producing acrylic paints, and the company states that the “true alchemy” of their product lies in “the high levels of pigment, rich resin binders, and the high refractory nature of our key ingredients that produces our signature immersive depth of colour.” F&B formulates the base paint using “age-old methods” and high quality ingredients such as chalk, china clay and titanium dioxide. The company offers a range of paints and finishes in a curated palette of 132 colors, and each batch of paint is tested “before it even reaches the tin.” In 2010, F&B’s entire range of paints moved from oil-based to only water-based finishes with low or minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are considered more environmentally friendly.

For homeowners who expect the most from their paint, choosing a premium brand such as Fine Paints of Europe or Farrow & Ball for their walls, furniture and other home projects will guarantee high-quality and long-lived results. To learn more about the premium paints our company uses, or how you can apply them to your next home project, contact H.J. Holtz & Son today (contact form below).